Monday, February 27, 2006

The Long Wait

Well it has been some time since i have visited you all. My life has seemed to speed up at a time when i didn't thing that was possible. In the past 2 week we have had a ice storm, fever virus, ear infections, stomache virus, Tubes, and i have had some drama at work. I dailey think about a time in my life when is wasn't so crazy. I can't seem to think of a day like that in the past 10 years. I however do learn something everyday. It may just be a little something but I am always learning. I learned today that I do need to slow down for a few minutes everyday and enjoy the scearny. I have also learned that my son is growing so fast and i want to cherish these times with him. He is always saying new things everyday. Like "FAFA" and "AW MAN" those have to be my favorites so far. And last night we experience the first potty training adventure. He has been very intersted with the potty so my husband and I decided it was time to purchase one. So last night before bath time I sat him on his potty. He was a little affraid at first but then was okay. Then we played in the tub, got our pj's on and started our nightly barney movie. I went into my room and checked my email. My son came to his door and was saying Mommy, mommy, mommy....the he would get quiet for a sec...then he would start again. After about 10 minutes of this i decided i needed to get him settled back down and back in bed. When i walked into his room I noticed he made a discovery. He had taken his diaper off and was rocking in his rocking chair without a diaper. My only thoughts are that i must have stemmed from the potty. Any....enough of this....i must go to bed for know. I will try to not be so distant!!


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